Green books, stickers, Eco-Libris, and Panels

Eco-libris is partnering with us for the festival and stickers will be available throughout the event to purchase for your own books, books that will one day live in the New Orleans Public Library, and/or books that you purchase while at Pilcrow. Wait, it gets even better! Eco-Libris plants a tree for every stick purchased to offset books. But, during Pilcrow at the NOPL Rebuilt Books fundraiser, Eco-Libris will plant two trees for every sticker people buy on behalf of NOPL.

Stickers? What stickers? Read this. That's right. Yours truly has ordered tons of these stickers for Pilcrow weekend. See what they look like just to your left. Yeah, that green circle with the tree-book. That.

Now, panels. Yes, panels. Due to the incredible turn-out, not only by participants, but by people just coming to listen and hang out, we are securing an additional venue. In fact, it's nearly secured. But, we have to wait for the green light before we can go flapping our traps about it. You understand. So, Monday morning, a list will be up. That's a promise. If it's not up, I surely got conked over the head over the weekend. (I shouldn't joke, I am moving this weekend.)

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