Beyond mastergoogling.

You've Googled yourself, right? Come on, how can you be a writer if you've never Googled yourself. If you are like me, you know how many times, if any, you come up on the first page of Google. You know if those links are about Hooray Things or Boo Hiss Things.

What else can you Google and where else can you search?

Things to search:
Your name
Your name misspelled
Your correct book titles
You book titles slightly wrong
You book's nickname
Your ex-boyfriend's nickname
Your agent's name
The URL of your blog or website (to see who linked to you)

What are people saying about you on the blogs?
Google Blogsearch

What are people saying about you on the forums?

Are people putting up photos of you on Flickr? Videos on Youtube? A fan page on Facebook? You better search there too.

I broke one rapper's heart, temporarily, when I taught him about all these search engines. He knew he ruled page one of Google, but didn't know that he didn't rule the blogz. He does now, trust me, he does.


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