Shout Out from HuffPo and Dropping Bombs

In a post about the state of publishing and literature in Chicago, Pilcrow Lit Fest got a nice shout out from Gina Frangello in the Huffington Post.

"for many years Chicago's book publishing community was almost nonexistent, but now new independent book presses like Featherproof Books and So New are popping up like wildfire to fill the gap left by New York; now Chicago is host to almost back-to-back AWP Conferences and Pilcrow Literary Festival is helping to also organize writers independent of the academy."

Thursday night at the Chicago Nerd Social Club, I was chatting with Terry from Third Coast Comics. He's speaking on the panel about graphic novels and described Pilcrow at "Literary NATO: We'll be dropping literary facts on people like bombs."

Amy and I promised to steal that from him and share it with you all. So get out to Pilcrow from May 17 to the 23rd and we'll be dropping literary facts like bombs.

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