Rebuilt Books Auction.

Re: Rebuilt Books Auction

Bring cash and bring your checkbooks; we can't do much of anything with credit/debit cards. That said, get ready-- we have things for every budget to help rebuild the New Orleans Public Libraries-- for example, my stylish clutch handbag fabulous eyeglasses case made from Three Fallen Women on perhaps the lower end, a two-month membership to Uptown Writer's Space somplace in the middle range of things, and say, Nick Hornby's hand-written brainstorm for Songbook (a first edition alone, much less a first-edition signed copy of the actual book goes for a pretty penny, so a one-of-a-kind hand-jotted list? Um, yeah.) and Tony Fitzpatrick's beautiful piece of art, "Luck", on the higher end of things (I will not be mad at anyone if they would like to purchase this beautiful piece of art for me. It's beautiful. I gasped when he handed it to me yesterday.)

And, remember, every penny from this auction on Saturday evening goes directly to New Orleans Public Library Foundation. Pilcrow is covered for the things we need for the most part, but New Orleans needs our help, and that's where the help will go.

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