Shut Up, I'm Talking

One of the cool things about being involved in Pilcrow is that I'm suddenly much more aware of readings, book launches and author events going on around the country. Also, my friends are more aware too and are starting to send things my way.

Last week I went down to UIC to the Jane Addams Hull House to see Adam Mansbach read from his new book, The End of The Jews. He was the featured speaker for a class, but lucky for me the reading was open to the public. I'm only a chapter in, so I can't give you a review, I can just tell you that I went.

Coming up in New York, Gregory Levey (the best friend of a friend) is launching his new memoir Shut Up, I'm Talking: And Other Diplomacy Lessons I Learned in the Israeli Government -- A Memoir. I wish I could go, alas, I don't live in New York. Maybe you do?

What readings are you hitting this month?

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