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One of the writing blogs I subscribe to is The Writer's Edge. It comes from some of the folks involved in the Algonkian Novel Writer's Workshop. (I swear, I'm not on Michael's payroll, I just had a very good experience there.)

I thought all y'all writers might want to check out a couple of new posts and a promising new series that started today.

The first is To Sign or Not to Sign: Why Writers Should Consider Doing Book Signings

But book-signings can help you make tremendous inroads into reaching your
reading audience. And a good book tour, as part of a complete promotional plan
that includes targeted advertising, a strong web presence, effective media
coverage, and good distribution, can really get your sales going.

The second is How to Build a Book Tour Audience –Part I

Many authors are leery of doing book tours, not only because it's expensive
to travel across the country, but also because it's difficult to create a
good-sized audience. How can a relatively unknown writer hope to guarantee
crowds at signings? Here are some suggestions (with more to follow in a later
post) to help put butts in the chairs, and hopefully, ring up sales:

Of course, you can also get involved in the Pilcrow Lit Fest and other festivals. Great networking coming to a Chicago festival near you!

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