Do you go on writing retreats?

In the past few months, I've been luck to attend two writing retreats. I like to go off to woods to work with other writers, it reminds me that of all things I need to do, I need to write.

In November I went to the Algonkian Park Novel Writer's Workshop with Michael Neff. I had a great experience and was forced to find a new idea for a novel in short order. It was just what I needed. Nights in a cabin with a fire roaring, in the living room writing with two others. Tapping away at our keyboards and sharing a bottle of wine. Later we'd turn off our computers and tell each other stories, look out on the Potomac River, and laugh ourselves silly.

Last weekend I took a shorter trip and went to the SOFER Writing Retreat at OSRUI in Wisconsin. This was a bigger group split into poets and novelists. Again we had a forest, great teachers and room to write. I even talked the organizer into blogging.

Do you ever go off to the woods to write? Off to the city? Off to a diner? What retreats would you recommend for fellow Pilcrowers?

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